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From the moment I moved to Portland, I was trying to explore and see as much as possible. I looked for “the best places… ” and asked everyone I knew which places they recommend. With time and help from a few friends, I created my Oregon Bucket list. More than 100 of the best places to see in Oregon! I organized it according to locations and I’m constantly updating it.

This list helped me a lot when we wanted to plan a quick trip and I’m sure it will help you as well if you’re planning on traveling in Oregon. Click the links to read more about the place. 

The places with the √  are the places that I’ve already seen, the others are places from my personal list. 

Portland Area:

  1. Pittock mansion √
  2. Forest park √
  3. Alberta art district
  4. 23rd street √
  5. Aerial tram- $5 ticket
  6. Voodoo Doughnut you can’t visit Portland without trying the most iconic doughnuts in the area √
  7. Beaver falls √
Voodoo Doughnut- one of the Oregon bucket list places
Voodoo Doughnut!

Columbia Gorge

  1. Horsetail Falls √
  2. Oneonta Falls (close since the fire in the Columbia Gorge)
  3. Wahclella falls √
  4. Munra point
  5. Angel rest √
  6. Multnomah falls √
  7. Vista house viewpoint √
  8. Rowena Crest √
  9. Beacon Rock (WA) √
  10. Wahkenna falls √
  11. Catherine creek
  12. Dog Mountain (WA)
  13. Panther creek falls (WA)
  14. Latourell falls √
  15. Punch Bowl Falls
  16. Bridal Veil Falls √
  17. Tunnel falls
  18. Starvation Creek Falls √
  19. Dry creek falls
Beacon Rock
View from Beacon Rock (WA)

Mt. Hood:

  1. White river falls √
  2. Trillium lake √
  3. Tamanawas falls √
  4. Umbrella falls
  5. Tygh lack
  6. Bald mountain
  7. Mirror lake
  8. Illumination Rock
Tamanawas Falls- Mt. Hood

Oregon Coast (tried to organize from north to south):

  1. Astoria √
  2. Seaside √
  3. Saddle mountain
  4. Cannon Beach √
  5. Neahkahnie mountain √
  6. Tillamook cheese factory √
  7. University Falls
  8. Drift creek falls
  9. Bayocean peninsula
  10. Oceanside
  11. God’s thumb
  12. Sweet Creek Falls
  13. Little Pup Creek Falls
  14. Kentucky Falls
  15. Cape Kiwanda √
  16. Thor’s well- cape Perpetua √
  17. Oregon Dunes
  18. Depoe bay- whale watching √
  19. Bandon
  20. Gold beach
  21. Cape Blanco
  22. Brooking
Cannon Beach
Ecola State Park- Cannon Beach

Central Oregon:

  1. Silver falls √
  2. Blue pool √
  3. Opal creek
  4. Bagby hot spring
  5. Three pools
  6. Mt. Jefferson
  7. Abiqua falls
  8. Proxy falls √
  9. Newberry National Volcanic Mountain √
  10. South sister summit
  11. Broken top
  12. Smith Rock √
  13. Marion falls
  14. Russell lake
  15. Sahalie falls
  16. Koosah falls
  17. Painted hills
  18. John day fossil beds
  19. Steelhead falls
  20. Shellburg Falls √
  21. Henline Falls √
  22. McDowell Creek Falls
  23. Spencer’s Butte √
  24. Tumalo falls
  25. Cline falls
  26. Wildlife safari
  27. Boca cave+ Triangulation Peak
Proxy Falls
Proxy Falls

South Oregon:

  1. Wildlife Safari
  2. Umpqua Hot Spring
  3. Crater Lake National Park √
  4. Salt Creek Falls
  5. Toketee Falls
  6. Watson Falls
  7. Alvord Desert
  8. Moon Falls
Crater Lake
Crater Lake National Park

Eastern Oregon

  1. Wallawa Lake
  2. Starvation Ridge
  3. Maiden Peak

Extra- Washington:

  1. Naked Falls
  2. Mt. St. Helens √
  3. Mt. Rainier National Park
  4. Olympic National Park
  5. Lewis River Falls
  6. North Cascade National Park
Mt. St. Helens
Mt. St. Helens

I’ll be happy to hear about your trips in Oregon! If you liked this list/ have more recommendations or information please let me know. I will constantly update this list according my experience.

I’m hoping the Oregon bucket list will help you on your next trip to Oregon! It is without a doubt one of the most beautiful countries I’ve even seen.

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  1. Lee

    Wow! Thank you for the list! It takes me forever to plan a trip and now I have everything organized 😊

    1. Shany Yizhaki

      Thank you! I’m glad to hear that you’re going to use it for your trips in Oregon!

  2. Rhonda Albom

    Wow, what a list and a great goal to see them all. Oregon is so beautiful, it tops my list if I ever moved back to the states. We did the coastal drive, so have already ticked off some of these, but there sure are plenty more to go.

    1. Shany Yizhaki

      Oregon coast is amazing! I hope you’ll come again and see some of the mountains, the Columbia gorge and the incredible waterfalls 😊

  3. Hannah

    What an impressive list! I’ve never visited Oregon but it looks like there is so much to do! I’ll have to make time for a visit. Thanks for the guide and the isnpiration!

    1. Shany Yizhaki

      Thank you! Oregon is an incredible place for anyone who love the outdoor. I hope you’ll visit here!

  4. Karen

    I’m with you on this list. I hope you do them all. Love me a voodoo donut, too.

  5. Ildiko

    Perfect timing with this list. My husband and I are planning on an Oregon coast trip this mid-September. Now I need to dissect through your list and see which of those many sites to include.. We are so looking forward to it. Thanks!

    1. Shany Yizhaki

      I’m happy to hear! Oregon is lovely and you’ll have an amazing time here 😊 I’m just writing a post about Oregon coast that will be available soon! Will be happy to give guidance if you’ll have questions

  6. Sarah Arnstein

    Okay, Oregon looks amazing! Will definitely be using this list when we spend some time in Washington/Oregon next year!

  7. Andi

    My hubby and I did an 18-month road trip, part of that was 5 weeks on the Oregon coast which was wonderful. Then we spent 6 months in Portland trying to figure out our next move, I had a great time exploring the city and surrounding area and it’s true, so much to do and see and EAT!

    1. Shany Yizhaki

      Yes! Portland has AMAZING food. 18-months road trip sounds like an incredible experience!

  8. Jori

    So simply laid out! I drive through Oregon sometimes so I need to check this out!

    1. Shany Yizhaki

      Thanks! I’m happy to hear that you like it. I hope you’ll enjoy your trips here!

  9. Kelly

    Oregon is beautiful and has so much to see! I did a road trip down the Oregon coast a few years ago and loved it 🙂 We also stopped in McMinnville and Portland, but I would love to see everything else on your list as well!

    1. Shany Yizhaki

      The coast is gorgeous! You should explore the Columbia Gorge and Crater Lake areas on your next visit! These places are incredible 😊

  10. Caitlin

    Such a good list! I love that it is just that – a list. And what a fun way to hold yourself accountable. I find that when I live somewhere I am the least likely to check things off – I just think, tomorrow…Also Oregon is gorgeous!

    1. Shany Yizhaki

      Thank you so much! I used to do that but the beauty here just never ends.

  11. Rachel

    What a great list. Looks like your having great fun ticking them off. So many beautiful things to see and do.

  12. Jordan

    Crater Lake looks BEAUTIFUL! Adding it to my bucket list now! Thanks for all the inspiration to get to Oregon ASAP. Definitley saving this for future travels!

  13. Helga

    Oregon is a dream! Can’t wait to get there!

  14. kmf

    I’ve never been to Oregon so this list will come in handy when I visit. Pinning for sure!

  15. Farrah

    I’ve always wanted to visit Oregon and you’ve given me so many ideas on places to go! 😀 Thanks for putting this list together! (I’m gonna need to do multiple trips, haha. There’s so much to see!

    1. Shany Yizhaki

      I’m so happy to hear! I’m sure you’ll love Oregon 😊

  16. MacKenzie

    There are SO MANY waterfalls! This list is amazing. I’ve wanted to visit Oregon for years, and this list makes that even stronger! One day 😉

  17. Sharon

    The waterfalls are my favorite! Mt. Hood especially is so beautiful!

  18. Shame that I’ve only beeen to Portland and Cannon Beach because Oregon is beautiful! Definitely looking forward to another road trip

  19. Melissa Roos

    I always love reading bucket lists for specific places! Definitely going to look into my travel bucket list and add some of these activities on it.

  20. Krista

    That’s a really great list you’ve put together of places to go – and that donut looks amazing!

  21. Vanessa Shields

    Great bucket list to shoot for! I used to live in Portland and have visited most of these awesome places. I might have missed it but definitely include the wine country throughout Willamette Valley as they have some of the best wines in the country.

  22. Kelsey

    I’ve always heard amazing things about this state! Your pictures are lovely! Thanks so much for sharing some awesome locations!

  23. Francesca

    These are some fun ideas for an Oregon Bucket list. I love wine tasting in Willamette Valley and eating all the food in Portland.

  24. Molly

    We just got back from Cape Perpetua and Oregon Dunes! I am so glad they made the list. This is the most comprehensive list I have seen!

    1. Shany Yizhaki

      Thank you so much! Cape Perpetua is one of my favorite spots on the coast! 😊

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