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Oregon has at least 238 known waterfalls which makes it pretty difficult to choose the best ones. How can you know which are the best waterfalls in Oregon? Here are the best waterfalls in Oregon from my own personal experience and the people I know as for this date.

1. Multnomah Falls:

Distance: 5.6- mile loop hike/ 2 mile out & back. You can also come only to watch the waterfalls.

Level of difficult: longer trail- moderate, short trail- easy

Fees and permits: none

It can’t be a list of the best waterfalls in Oregon without Multnomah falls. It’s the most popular fall in Oregon, located half an hour drive from Portland, and is one of the most touristic places in the area. 

In my time in Oregon, I saw those falls almost in every season.  Every time it’s a whole new experience. The first time was on our first weekend in Portland. My father said we cannot live in Portland without being in Multnomah falls, and it’s true. It was the first place I saw in Oregon and I immediately knew I’m going to love this place.

The second time was in the winter, and everything was frozen. We could only see it from the road because it was close to visitors, but the view was breathtaking.

Last time I was there, I travel with two friends. It was the first time I did the hike and this time I also draw those falls. I usually paint landscape or draw portraits but I haven’t tried to drew a landscape until this moment. It was a new and memorable experience for me which led to more and more drawing on the way.

Each time is so special and unique. If you decide to do the hike is pretty easy, family-friendly, and the view from the top is breathtaking. Definitely the place to go when coming to Portland (try to avoid weekends or come early due to heavy traffic). And if you live here, it’s an amazing place to explore more than once. You can decide to take the easy hike or the moderate, to eat in their restaurant, see the ice stalactites in the winter, the stunning color of the trees in the autumn and spring, or just enjoy the view. 

Drawing Multnomah Falls

2. Silver Falls:

Distance: 2.8-mile /5-mile/ 7.2-mile loop hike. We created our own loop- around 3-mile (see below)

Level of difficult: moderate to difficult

Fees and permits: $5 day-use fee

People call it the “crown jewel” of the Oregon State Parks located about 1.5 hours from Portland. If you haven’t been there, you probably wonder why it got this name, but once you visit, the answer is clear. It’s an amazing 7.2-mile loop (you can also do the short loop- 2.8 miles or the 5 miles) when you see 10 spectacular waterfalls. 

My father always told us stories about an amazing trail with ten falls in Oregon. I never understood why we got so excited until I got the chance to see it for myself. It was a cold January day but we decided to do it anyway. The trail was icy and slippery, the water of the falls was frozen, and the view was incredible. We started with the North Falls, moving towards the Winter Falls and creating our own loop (about 3 miles).  

Our second time, we started at the same place, but instead of returning at Winter Falls, we continued 0.4 miles in order to see extra 4 falls. It’s a great idea if you want to see the falls without doing the whole trail. We saw 8 out of 10 falls in less than 4 miles and everyone enjoyed it. 

If you love waterfalls and always wanted to walk behind one, it’s definitely the trail for you. It’s considers a moderate trail, tough it’s been pretty easy for my family and our friends (they have young children and they all enjoyed).

Silver Falls is definitely one of the best waterfalls in Oregon and a place everyone who lives here/ visiting Oregon has to see. 

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3. Proxy Falls:

Distance: 1.6-mile loop hike

Level of difficult: easy

Fees and permits: $5 day-use fee

1.6-mile loop (considers easy to moderate) located on Highway 242. Hwy 242 is seasonally closing and can open from June to late July. Make sure you check the opening day before taking this road! It is a beautiful scenic road which adds to the amazing experience of this trip.

There are two falls- the upper and the lower falls. I love the fact that you can get as close as you want to the falls and they are incredible. Also, this trail is super diverse in his landscape which made me love it even more. In the beginning, there are lava rocks and there’s no sight of waterfalls, then you enter a forest and see those breathtaking falls. 

Proxy Fall

4. Tamanawas Falls:

Distance: 3.8 miles out and back

Level of difficult: easy

Fees and permits: $5 day-use fee

Tamanawas Falls is a high trafficked trail located 2 hours from Portland. It’s an easy 3.6 miles round trip (1.8 in and out), family, and dogs friendly. The Indians of the northwest believed everyone has a Tamanawas- a friendly guardian spirit.  Its name always seems so strange to me and I couldn’t understand it’s meaning.

After reading about its history and stand beneath those falls I can relate to this. They’re so powerful and seems as the guardians of Mt. hood. I hiked there with friends at the beginning of 2019- summer. The hike is beautiful and easy, the landscape changes in the middle from forest to a road full of giant rocks. When you arrive at the waterfalls you can go on the rocks, get closer to the falls and even go behind them. Pack your lunch and eat it on the rocks, it’s the perfect spot to relax and enjoy the moment. 

Tamanawas Falls

5. Blue Pool- Tamolitch Falls

Distance: 4 miles out & back

Level of difficult: moderate

Fees and permits: none

The hike is 2 miles for each direction (4 miles to the entire hike). It is beautiful! You walk inside a tropical forest while the blue and beautiful river is by your side. I did this hike with my family and it took us about an hour to get to the waterfalls and the pool.

When we arrived, we stood on a cliff, watching the waterfalls and the pool from above. The color of the water is topaz blue, they’re so bright and clear. Words just can’t describe this beauty and every photo I took seemed less accurate than the breathtaking reality.

An interesting fact about the place- the river flows over the falls a few times a year, while the rest of the time the water emerges from the rocks underwater in the basin of waterfall pool. Meaning, sometimes you can see a waterfall and sometimes it’s simply a pool. I find it really cool because when we were there we saw the falls and the water about 49ft below us. Then one of my friends hiked there (two weeks after I was there) and only saw the pool. Isn’t it really cool?

6. Worth mentioning- White River Falls:

Distance: 0.7-mile out & back

Level of difficult: moderate

Fees and permits: none

After a cold winter without a lot of adventures, on the first day of a warm weather, we decided to go out and explore new places. I chose “White river falls”, gorgeous fall near Mt. Hood, two hours from Portland. It is a beautiful place though I would not recommend going specifically for it. The place is worth seeing if you’re stopping there on your way to somewhere else.

It’s a 0.7 miles hike out & back, but you don’t have to do the trail in order to see the fall. The view is about 2 minute walk from the parking lot until you can see the waterfalls perfectly.

I hope you like my list of best waterfalls in Oregon! Please share and comment if you did.

Best waterfalls in Oregon
Best waterfalls in Oregon
Best waterfalls in Oregon

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    I initially wanted to head to Oregon to check out the thriving wine country and now I want to check out these waterfalls too!!

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      Thank you! There’s so much to explore here. No matter how much I travel and see there’s always more 😊

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    so many waterfalls, so little time. These are gorgeous (pun intended). Great details to find them.

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    So handy that you have included the distances and fees. I hate when I arrive (with no money) because I didn’t know there was a fee.
    Also, your drawing of Multnomah Falls is awesome!

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