Shany Yizhaki-artist on the way

Who Am I?

Hey everyone! My name is Shany Yizhaki. I’m a self-taught artist and a traveler based in Portland, Oregon. I love exploring new cultures, places, and art styles. 

In my free time you’ll find me working on a new artwork, cooking, or just creating funny videos with my sister. 
I believe that art can cross boundaries, people and countries. For me it’s a place where I can be who I really am, to say what I want, and take off the mask most of us wearing. It’s a chance to explore and express the things you don’t even know exist inside you. My passion to art and travel created the idea of being an artist on the way. 
By 2020, I traveled in 14 countries, 7 states, and three continents. Right now, my main focus in exploring the Pacific Northwest and the amazing national parks in the United States.