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Let’s admit the fact that our adventure isn’t whole without some good photos for social media. Oregon offers both adventures and amazing opportunities for epic photos. You can enjoy an incredible experience and at the same time take photos in the most beautiful Instagram spots in Oregon. All of these destinations don’t require hiking (except for Proxy falls which is 1.6 miles). They are totally accessible, free, and you can combine hiking, viewpoints, food, and wineries on your way.
Sounds too good to be true? Let’s dive in into the most beautiful Instagram spots in Oregon and I’ll let you decide!

1. Haystack Rock

The most recognizable Oregon’s landmark. The sea stack rises 235 feet (72 m) from the edge of the shoreline and when the tide is low you can go all the way to the rock.

Haystack rock- one of the most beautiful Instagram spots in Oregon

2. Rowena Crest

Rowena Crest is a panoramic viewpoint located on the Columbia River Gorge. If you’re on Instagram you’re probably familiar with this spot and it is consider one of the most beautiful Instagram spots in the West Coast. The highlight id the horseshoe curve along the road but there are a few short hiking trails you can add to your visit. 

Rowena Crest during the Summer

3. Crater Lake

Crater Lake is the only National Park in Oregon and is one of my favorite places in the state. It’s definitely one of my favorite Instagram spots in Oregon. The best time for photos is when the travel season starts (end of June- the beginning of July) where you can see what’s left from the snow. If you’re visiting at the beginning of the season, take into consideration that some of the trails may be closed. 

Crater Lake- June

These photos are without any editing. Looking at the crater, I was amazed that these kinds of views even exist that I didn’t regret the fact that we couldn’t hike.  

4. Portland’s Iconic White Stag Sign

It can’t be the most beautiful Instagram spots in Oregon without Portland’s sign. The sign is located in downtown Portland and is one of the most iconic spots in the city. If you have a long lens camera, taking a photo on the burnside bridge with the background of the sign will be perfect. If you don’t any photo with the sign is amazing and memorable! 

5. Multnomah Falls

The most popular waterfall in Oregon. It also the largest and most iconic one. Some people say that you haven’t visited Oregon if you haven’t seen Multnomah Falls. I love the photos from beneath the falls, but you can take beautiful photos from the bridge and the top of the falls. In addition to an incredible photo, you can grab something to eat or hike in the beautiful trail. The best time is during the Fall season where the leaves change their colors, but you can get your amazing photo throughout the entire year. 

6. Bandon Beach

Bandon Beach is probably the most beautiful beach along the Oregon Coast. It has incredible sea stacks and if that’s not enough, the beach is full of drawings. Volunteers from “Circles in the Sand” create a walkable art in a form of labyrinths. The team draws mostly during the spring and summer. Combine the walkable art and the sea stacks and you have the perfect photo!

7. Thor’s Well

Thor’s Well is a bowl-shaped hole. It’s best seen during high tide when the waves roll underneath the bowl, filling it until it bubbles out the top or bursts up almost violently. Many photographers coming to the Oregon Coast only to be able to take epic photos of Thor’s Well. It definitely one of my favorite locations on the Coast and I can spend hours staring at the water filling the hole and rolling back.

Pay attention- When you visit, don’t stand too close to the hole, it can be dangerous!

8. Painted Hills

Definitely one of the most beautiful Instagram spots in Oregon. The Painted Hills are well known and one of the 7 wonders of Oregon. It’s one of the most beautiful places but located in the middle of nowhere. It about one hour from Bend and worths visiting if you’re in the area. If you don’t,  it doesn’t worth a whole day of travel. 

9. Proxy Falls

The only destination that is part of a hike. It’s an easy 1.6 loop hike located on Highway 242. The place is seasonally closing and usually opens in June. In addition to the beautiful photos of the waterfalls, you can enjoy the incredibly scenic road on Highway 242. One of the things that I love the most is the fact that you can get as close as you want to the falls and they are insanely beautiful. It is a great trail if you’re looking for an adventure. 

Proxy Falls

10. Alberta Art District

Last on my Instagram spots is the Alberta Art District. Street art is one of my favorites. As an artist, I love seeing street art and the beautiful contribution to the city. Portland has many street arts spread across the city, but my favorite area is Alberta Art District. You can take tons of pictures in front of the cool walls, shop in the local stores, grab something to eat, and enjoy the city vibes. For food recommendations and more attractions in Portland, read “10 Best Attractions in Portland Oregon”.  

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  1. Megan

    What a great post! We were supposed to go to Cannon beach in May, but…canceled 🙁 It looks so beautiful, we’ll have to get all these places on the list for when we are able to go again!

    1. Shany Yizhaki

      Im so sorry to hear that it got canceled! I hope you’ll be able to come soon 😊

  2. MacKenzie

    There are several things – like the Painted Hills – I didn’t picture to be in Oregon! These are all unique spots that I haven’t seen either. I can’t wait to finally make it to Oregon – now I have even more to add!

    1. Shany Yizhaki

      I know! It’s one of the things I love the most about Oregon- you can see everything from mountains, waterfalls, beaches and even the desert

  3. Adéle

    What stunning photos! I’ve visited much of the US but not Oregon! It’s now on my list for when we can travel again!

  4. Sharon

    Proxy Falls is so beautiful! Your photos show the natural beauty of Oregon.

  5. Albi

    Love the post, all the places look absolutely magical, my favorite one is perhaps the lake crane, gorgeous. Thank for sharing

  6. Ellie-M

    Wow these places look stunning!! I have just put Proxy Hills on my list!

    1. Shany Yizhaki

      It definitely worth visiting!! The road is close during the winter and opens in late June, look at the dates for HWY 242 before 😊

  7. Krista

    I love finding Insta spots in places I travel to. Crater Lake looks incredible!

  8. Michele

    What beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing. We are hoping to be in Oregon in May before cruising from Seattle.

    1. Shany Yizhaki

      Yes! Portland is only 3 hours from Seattle, totally doable when you visit 😊

  9. Josy A

    Squeeeee these all look gorgeous, especially the natural spots like the crater lake, painted hills and waterfall! I would looove to hike in all these places. I am rubbish at Instagram, but I still like to visit the pretty spots!

  10. Shafinah Neville

    Wow the painted hills look phenomenal!!😍

  11. Melinda

    I love the mix of places! From beautiful natural wonders to street art. Great recommendations!

  12. kmf

    So many beautiful places in Oregon! Can’t wait until I can visit in person.

  13. Dorian

    My cousin went to college at Oregon and always talked about how it’s the most beautiful state in the country. I can certainly see why! Now I just have to find some time to get out there.

  14. Queenie Shaikh

    This is such a lovely read – put all these spots on my Oregon bucket list! 😁

  15. Disha Smith

    Ooooooh I love all of these Oregon spots! The Painted Hills are my favorite! I love all of the waterfalls in Oregon.

  16. Marisa Mercanti

    TAKE ME HERE NOW! Oregan has been on my list for so long! Can’t wait for the restrictions to lift and check this off

  17. Steph

    These recommendations are giving me travel fever! I would love to one day visit the Painted Hills and Crater Lake. Thanks for sharing! I’m def saving these for later.

  18. Valentina Chirico

    OMG, I couldn’t imagine Oregon has so many wonderful and naturalistic spots. The Painted Hills look so quiet and meditative!!!

    xoxo and stay safe

  19. I love posts like these, even if I’m not planning on visiting the city at the moment. But they usually end up on my bucket list after that! Haha, that happened now!

  20. Yara | tayaramuse

    Beautiful post! I’ve been meaning to visit the painted hills for years – thanks for the inspiration. Oregon is certainly on the list!!

  21. Francesca

    Such a great list! I’ve always wanted to see Multnomah Falls. It looks stunning!

  22. Caroline Muller

    What a great list. I would love to visit one day and explore all this beautiful nature.

  23. Kay

    YAAAAAS Oregon REPRESENT!! I am proud to say that I’ve been to all of these….except one! Darn Bandon Beach!! Guess I know where my next cabin trip will be!

  24. Jiayi Wang

    Wow, the walkable art at Bandon Beach and the Painted Hills look especially incredible! Thanks for helping me discover these places 🙂

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