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Inktober is almost here and is one of the best worldwide art challenges. Don’t know what is Inktober? Thinking of participating in Inktober 2020 but don’t know what to expect? I decided to write everything you need to know before the challenge starts and help you make the best of it. 

What is Inktober Challenge?

Let’s start with the most important questions- What is Inktober? What does it mean?
Inktober is 31 days of drawing challenge created by Jake Parker in 2009 in order to improve his inking skills. It soon became a worldwide challenge and Inktober 2020 will mark the 11th year of the art challenge.  As its name indicates, the drawings should be in ink, but you can use pencils beneath or add your own style to it. I saw many artists that combine colored pencils and watercolors to their ink drawings. 

Inktober 2019
Participating in Inktober 2019

The Rules:

The rules are simple, you create a drawing every day through October and share it. The official website publishes a prompt list and everything you have to do is make a drawing in ink, post it, and use the hashtags #inktober and #inktober2020.
Some people do part of the challenge and some commit to all of it. You can decide if you’re doing a drawing once a day, once a week, every other day, and so on. 

Why you should participate?

–       It’s a great opportunity to try something new. If you’re unfamiliar with ink or simply never tried to create artwork every single day. 

–       You create art routine and commitment to your creating process.

–       It’s an opportunity to explore and push your skills forwards. The prompt may be different than your usual style but it’s a great way to test your creativity, to combine your own style to inking. 

–       Feel part of a bigger community: Inktober is the biggest, most known art challenge. Many artists participate and post their work on social media. You can see what others create for the same prompt and get inspired. You can connect to other artists around the world and build strong relationships. 

My Personal Experience: Take your style one step forwards and try it out in a new way. By October of 2019 I drew portraits only with pencils and was afraid to try with pens. I decided to use the prompts and the challenge to test my limits and finally try portraits with pens. I took the day’s prompt, combined it with my style (drawing portraits) and added colored pencils as well (which I think added a lot to the pieces). This challenge made me more confident using pens instead of pencils and try out new styles. Below you can see on of the drawings I did- the prompt was drawing an elf.

Combining ink with colored pencils- Inktober 2019

What Art Supply will you need?

For this art challenge the only thing you need is pens and a sketchbook which makes it supper affordable and easy.

My favorite pens are Pigma Microns and Graphic by Sakura and Faber Castell Ecco Pigment pens. I used many companies but with these two I get the best results. Obviously, you don’t have to buy special pens for the challenge and any pen and size will work. If you decide to buy pens, I would recommend choosing 3 different sizes. My most common sizes are 0.05, 0.2 and 0.5. 

Extra Tips for Participating in the Challenge:

Make a schedule-

As I wrote in this blog, Make time for your art- 10 easy ways, it can be hard to find time for your art. One of the best ways to make sure you succeed the challenge is organizing your schedule in advance. If you set a specific time of 1-2 hours, it will be easier to complete the challenge. Don’t schedule anything for this time, block it on your calendar and turn off distractions such as your phone or TV. If you need more help, read the article- Make time for your art- 10 easy ways. 

It’s OK to miss a day-

Obviously, everyone wants to complete the whole challenge but it’s not the ultimate goal. The whole point of art challenge is to inspire you, motivate you, and create an art routine. It gives you excitement and commitment, but nothing will happen if you’ll miss a day. Sometimes life can be too stressful, we have other priorities or maybe we had a trip day. The whole point is not completing 100% of the challenge but the value we receive from participating. 

Summing up:

Overall, Inktober is an art challenge I recommend trying and participating. If you want to be part of the great art community, looking for inspiration, a new challenge, so simple something to do, this challenge is just for you!

Participated the challenge? Tag #Artistontheway next to the challenge’s hashtags and I’ll be sharing your work on my social media! Can’t wait to see your work and hear your experience.

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