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“The Earth has a music for those who listen”- Shakespeare

Everyone who practices in some form of art will tell you the same thing, we create what we experience. Art is freedom and a way to fully express ourselves.
When we travel, we experience the same feeling of freedom, and being part of something greater than us. 

My first drawing as an artist on the way was a year ago during a road trip to Bend, Oregon in 2019. We spent a day on a boat at Paulina Lake. This lake is one of the two twin lakes in Newberry Crater and located 6330 feet about the sea (that’s why the water were F R O Z E N). The lake surrounded by mountains, the water were turquoise and it felt like I’m inside a painting or a dream. I had a new sketchbook and mechanic pencil that I didn’t expect to use before seeing the amazing view. I took them and started drawing the breathtaking landscape. Once I started, I noticed so many new details that my eyes missed at first and I fell in love with capturing moments with my art. 

First drawing as artist on the way
My first drawing on the way

Drawing on the way became a huge part of my trips and makes them so much better. 
As I kept drawing, I saw how my drawings have changed and evolved. Sometimes they are more realistic and sometimes more abstract. It is a great way to experience the place in a different, unique, and memorable way. In some cases, people start talking to you about your art and you’re finding yourself in the middle of an amazing conversation with a stranger. 

How to get started?

Don’t worry and just start! 

You want to be an artist on the way? The only thing you need a sketchbook and a pencil to start doodling what you see and experience. As you’ll start drawing, you’ll find your own style and method to capture the experience. 

I’m not going on a trip without:

  1. My sketchbook
  2. My MICRON pens (I’m usually taking 0.05, 0.4, 0.8 sizes)
  3. 2H pencil and an eraser

Creating your own art makes the experience more unique and more memorable. If you get the chance, take your sketchbook, your favorite medium, and give it a try. You will be surprised by how much you can gain back.

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  1. Tali

    Thank you so much for sharing! You’re such an inspiration and I enjoy reading your blogs! Your positive outlook on life and your AMAZING art make me want to travel more and learn how to draw!

  2. Sherry

    This is an inspirational post – you are a talented artist, your sketches are amazing. Thank you so much for sharing!

  3. Tom

    I never tried to draw during my trips. Definitely gonna try it!

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