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“How do you find your inspiration?” is the question I get most often.
The most obvious one is from my life- my dreams, memories, and experiences. Anything from traveling, exploring, and trying new things. The second way is through social media- especially Instagram. It’s an easy way to find anything from recipes, business tips, travel destination and tutorials.

Travel influencers are my favorite type of inspiration. Not only they give you ideas for cool places and destinations, they also inspire you to create, improve, and grow. They inspire me as both as a traveler and as an artist.

When I asked my favorite influencers how they are able to constantly find inspiration and motivation, they told me that they’re influenced by other online creators, combine different ideas and create their own original work. 

The online platform, especially Instagram is a great way to find inspiration and start creating your own work. No matter if you’re a traveler, influencer, artist, blogger, or a coach, you can take ideas from others and make them unique to your story, values, and purpose.

Best travel influencers in 2020

Here are the best travel influencers for 2020 that you have to start following!

1. Kelly + Kody – @positravelty

Instagram Followers: 201K

My favorite travel couple! Usually, it’s hard to get noticed by big influencers. They get hundreds of messages and notification that it’s hard to keep track of, but Kelly and Kody make you feel like you’re their friend and they literally engage with every member of their community! It may sound silly but the first time I engaged with them I had less than 1K followers and I thought “What are the odds they will answer?” but they did and for some reason, I felt special. So, they’re definitely doing a great job in building their community which is a full-time job on its own.

Let’s go back to Kelly and Kody, they met 3 years ago and began to travel the world full-time. Their Instagram account follows their journey from the last two years. 

When we talked, they told me about their beginning. At the time, they were traveling on a budget and encounter a luxury hotel that explained to them about exchanging free night for content. It was the moment where they became @positravelty and started to pursue the Influencer dream. 2 years later, with 200K followers they truly living the dream. In their account, you can find good food, editing tutorials, DIY projects, amazing destinations, and incredible photos. Both Kelly and Kody do so much more than being travel influencers. They spread an enormous amount of positivity and try to be as genuine and engaging as possible.  

I love saving their posts and get ideas for my own photos and editing. Their photos focus on movement, different angles, and things you won’t find in many accounts. It’s what they believe in and it’s definitely shown. 

2. Marie & Jake- @mariefeandjakesnow

Instagram Followers: 941K

With almost 1M followers, Marie Fe and Jake Snow are probably the largest influencers on my list. Marie and Jake are absolutely adorable. It’s hard not to fall in love with their happiness and positivity. They post creative, fun photography that makes everyone jealous. Marie and Jake don’t slow down for one second. They create content that everyone can relate to- photography, food (vegan), dancing, fashion, beauty, workout, and even find time to help small businesses and sustainability.

I have been following their journey for almost a year and even during quarantine they were able to create inspiring content and spread their positivity. If you’re looking for inspiration, travel destinations, or simply some positivity in our negative world, they’re definitely the account to follow.   

3. Mindy Rose Michaels- @mindyonthemove

Instagram Followers: 22.7K

Mindy is a travel blogger and an amazing creator. I came across her account when I started blogging in May. I connected to her values and the content she is sharing. In addition to incredible photos and blog posts, Mindy does amazing videos of her adventures and she’s a true inspiration. Unlike the other accounts, Mindy mainly focuses on the outdoor and posts unique adventures and places to see. You can find a lot of tips, guides, and videos from her experiences.

Personally, I save tons of her posts as inspiration and destinations that I would like to visit one day. A lot of travel accounts don’t specify the places they visit, and you can’t add them to your list, but Mindy doesn’t care and she provides great tips for everything she does. Mindy without a doubt is one of the best travel influencers I know!

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4. Jeremy & Jenna- @quenchyouradventure

Instagram Followers: 11.4K

Jeremy and Jenna are the sweetest couples. Probably the smallest account on this list but I have no doubt that they will keep grow and influence many people in the future. I started following their journey in March (when they had about 5k or less), pretty much when COVID-19 started. It’s always fun to see someone’s growth and know you were part of their journey. They didn’t let Covid stop their lives and started traveling in their mini-van during the weekends while sharing their “on the road” struggles. 

Recently they sold everything and decided to live Van Life. I love the way they share everything in such a genuine and truthful way. They don’t try to create the “perfect” image we usually see with influencers, they show both struggles and beauty. If you’re interested in seeing the ‘real van life’ and decide rather or not it suits you, I highly recommend following them. Personally, van life is something that always appealed to me, but I never knew what it actually looked like before they started their journey.

Also, if you love wildlife, Jeremy and Jenna are obsessed and they take epic photos of the wildlife around them. You can follow their amazing photos, nature, animals, and their awesome YouTube channel. 

5. Annette White- @bucketlistjourney

Instagram Followers: 100K

I actually came across Annette’s Instagram account from her blog. It’s one of my favorite blogs and probably the one that inspired me to write my own blog. I came across her website in high school, I tried to motivate myself and create a bucket list of everything I want to experience before I die. I still remember how impressed and inspired I was when I first read her website. She gave me thousands of ideas and inspirations for what I want to experience in life.

I started reading about everything she did and decided to follow her journey on Instagram. Since then, I saw her traveling the world, trying out the weirdest things, and find positivity in everything she could.

In addition to travel destinations, you can find all sorts of cool ideas both on her Instagram and her website– from 50 things to do with your BFF, 100 unforgettable things to do before you die to her own 1,000 bucket list ideas. You can find information about the bucket list attractions she experienced and find inspiration for your own list. 

If you haven’t already, start following the best travel influencers on Instagram! Save inspiring posts, and start planning and creating new ideas!

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  1. Rachel Hall

    Such a cool list. I also follow Marie and Jake, what an incredible journey they have been on!! I will now follow the others for travel inspo!! Thanks!

  2. They ‘re definitely all instagram goals 🙂 I follow some of these accounts and they have amazing content.

  3. Emmy

    What a fun list! I love how you go into detail about all the different influencers and have a good variety of types of influencers!

  4. Really cool article 🙂 I love this kind of article so you can also discover blogs or Instagram accounts that are matching your interests. Sharing is the best thing about social media!

  5. Travelling Tam

    I only know about Marie and Jake, they always have really fun photography perspectives and they’re super cute, but some new influencers for me on this list I’ll have to check out 🙂

  6. Tina

    So many great profiles to follow for travel inspiration! Had only heard of a few before 🙂

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