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The best thing about presents is seeing the look on our loved ones when they open the present and smile with satisfaction. Wondering what to give to an adventurous person? To a traveler?

Check out these 28 best gifts for travelers and travel lovers.

1. National Park Pass-

Probably the best gifts for anyone who loves hiking and exploring the National Parks. It’s one of those gifts that you know the person will use and appreciate. Honestly, you can’t go wrong with this. 

2. Personalized USA/ World Photo Map-

This one is high on my personal list. I love it and can’t wait to create my own map one day! Depends on the kind of trips your person does, you can choose between a USA map to a world map.  Your person can easily track the places they’ve been, and start plan their own personalized map. It’s a great way to keep track on the places they already been, where they want to go, and create a memorable, beautiful decoration in their home.

3. DIY Photo Album-

For artistic spirits. You can either buy an empty album for them to fill, or if you have their photos (family member or close friend) you can create a memorable photo album. One of my best friends did one for me before I moved to Oregon. It wasn’t a travel album, but it meant so much to see the work that she put into it and have all of our memories in one place. Last year, I decided to create a travel album with the memories of my first year in Oregon (photos below).

I love it because every person is able to create their own unique albums with stickers, photos, text, and even drawings. If your person loves crafting, a good idea can be buying an empty album, add stickers, colored markers, and craft supplies. It’s the best gift for a traveler who loves art.

Photo Album- best gift for a traveler
Best gifts for travelers

4. Journal-

Another great way to keep memories. It is the perfect way for them to record their thoughts, ideas, and inspiration while they travel. 

5. Water Bottle-

Hydro Cell is one of the best water bottles. It keeps hot and cold liquids and it’s one of the best products for a traveler. It’s definitely one of the things that people will use on a daily basis, not only when they travel. 

6. First Aid Kit-

First aid kit is always important, especially when people’s traveling. You can go all the way to big first aid kits or choose a mini kit to add to a set. 

7. Tripod-

The tripods are amazing! Mine expends all the way to 51”, it’s light and has a Bluetooth remote. Depends on the use, you can find tripods both for camera and phones and buy the one that best suits your personality. It’s definitely one of my favorite gifts for travelers and I use mine all the time.

8. Hiking backpack-

The most essential product for a traveler. No one can go hiking without a proper bag. There’re plenty of options here but one of my best advice is buying a light bag. It can be hard to carry a bag for long, especially for long trips. The right bag can change the whole experience and make everything much easier.

9. Waterproof Phone Case-

Affordable and important! Especially for waterfalls, swimming holes, or any activity that involves water. It’s cheap and you can use it to build travel set as well!

10. Columbia Store Gift Card- 

Columbia is one of the well-known outdoor companies. Many travelers use their products- shoes, bottles, hats, t-shirts, coats, and more. Their products designed for outdoor activities from running, hiking, and skiing. 

11. Passport Holder- 

Practical and pretty. You can use it to build a set and it comes in different designs and styles. There are plenty of options here, it’s more of a personal preference.

12. Kindle- 

How lovely it is to read on a top of a mountain? On the beach? What about on a flight? A kindle is a small, easy product to carry in a bag. I used to carry books on my trips and every time I had other issues. Sometimes I would finish a book in the beginning of the trip and then left with nothing to read for my entire trip. Sometimes I wasn’t in the mood for the specific book that I took but couldn’t change it, and sometimes I would give up on caring a book because of its weight. A kindle is an easy solution for all of these! 

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13. Coffee Kit-

The PERFECT gift for coffee lovers and travelers. We use our coffee kit all the time and it’s one of the best moments of my trips. Finding a place with a beautiful view and enjoy good coffee is absolutely magical. 

14. Electronic Organizer- 

Recently came into this genius organizer. If your person is anything like me and their cables are all over, this organizer is perfect for them. Seriously a must organizer for travelers. 

15. Solar Charging Power Bank- 

A life-changing product. It uses the energy from the sun to power up (you can also plug it if you have access to power). My last phone’s battery used to die so quickly, I couldn’t take any photos or use it on a one-day trip! I got my solar charging power bank a while ago and it truly changed everything. I could use my phone without worrying. It can power phones and tablets (and some can even charge laptops!).  

16. Travel Jewelry Organizer-

Mainly for women. This jewelry organizer will help her keep all of her accessories organized. I used to put mine with my makeup bag and it always went missing and tangled. Every stylish girl would love this organizer!

17. Swiss Army Pocket Knife-

This compact knife fits for all tasks. Its functions include large and small blade, can opener, bottle opener, scissors, tweezers, key ring, and more. Some will say it’s a MUST product for everyone and especially for travelers. I bought it a couple of times for my friends and they LOVED it. 

18.  Bartender Kit-

The kit includes everything someone needs in order to make a drink outdoor. It’s a lovely set and a great gift for someone who loves drinking. The sets don’t include the alcohol but everything else includes. 

19. Weekender Bag-

Everyone needs a weekender. This is the best gift for travelers and travel lovers! It’s big enough to contain everything someone needs for a few days’ vacations and compact enough to carry along.  Weekender bags come in all different styles, colors, and materials to fit everyone’s needs.

20. Headphones-

Can you show me one person who never listening to music while driving or flying? Headphones are one of the most practical gifts. If you can buy them with noise cancellation and Bluetooth connection, it’s even better. 

21. Document Organizer-

Best for travelers who fly a lot out of the country. It will organize everything from immigration documents, passports, travel inquiries, and more.  

22. iPhone Lens Kit-

Pretty cool gift for young photographers! It’s a great way to turn any iPhone into a professional camera without spending a lot of money! This is a great gift for a traveler especially if they use their phone for taking pictures. (Side note to my family- I would love to get this kit!).

23. Travel Yoga Mat-

If your person loves yoga they will love this gift! Honestly, I’m not a huge Yoga fan but just from thinking about doing yoga in front of an incredible view sounds amazing to me. I love how foldable it is and how easy to carry along while traveling. 

24. Hammock-

My family and I used to go camping every year and my favorite thing was the hammock. I could spend hours reading a book, listening to music, and enjoy the amazing view. It’s definitely one of my favorites gifts here and is perfect especially for those who love camping.

25. Polarized Sunglasses-

I never understood the importance of polarized sunglasses until I got my first RayBan Polarized sunglasses. I received mine for my birthday almost two years ago and they’re one of my favorite products. RayBan is a world leader in sunglasses and they have incredible products and designs.

26. Hiking Poles-

First time I heard about hiking poles was a few years ago in Austria. We were about to start a hike on the mountains and my dad decided to buy a pair for my mom. It literally CHANGE her whole experience and balanced her. Since then, we have a few hiking poles to help us when we’re hiking a difficult trail. You can use the poles to dig in and pull yourself up in a steep upslope and help balance yourself. It is an essential item for hikers.

27. Drawing/ Painting Kit-

I haven’t seen a specific kit for artists, but I’ll give you my own drawing kit! No matter where I go, I always bring an A5 sketchbook, 3-5 Micron pens, a pencil, and an eraser. Obviously, I have more pencils and pens at home and I can play around which one I want to use, but this the basic kit for a person who loves drawing.

Simply buy an A5 drawing sketchbook and pencils/ pens set and you have an amazing gift for someone who loves drawing. Another option is a watercolor kit. You only need a watercolor sketchbook and a watercolor kit. These kits usually come with a brush, but you can add extra brushes if you want to complete the set. As an artist and a traveler, it’s the BEST gift. It shows that the other person actually thought about it and cared for me. 

28.  Attractions:

Last but not least is buying a person a fun attraction. This is one of the best gifts for travelers and adventures people. It can be anything that this person loves, enjoy, or want to do. It can be a beer tour, cooking class, culinary tour, concert tickets, bungee jumping, and more. Personally, it’s one of my favorites things to get. Fun attractions are memorable, and these are the moments people tend to remember.

A person may forget a beauty set he received a few years back, but he won’t forget a cooking class you gave him. I still remember the feeling of skydiving. It was the best gift I received, and I remember every moment of it even though it was 5 years ago. Ask me what I got 2/3 years ago for my birthday and I have no idea. 

Best gift for a traveler
Skydiving 5 years ago

I hope you love my guide of best gifts for travelers! Don’t waste time and start shopping for the people you love!

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  1. Constance

    I love the idea of gifting a national park pass! And 100% to the cord organizer and Kindle… must haves!

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    Oh these are some of the great gift ideas! Personally I would love the National Park Pass so much! Great recommendations.

  3. kmf

    These are all perfect and practical gifts that any traveler would enjoy. I have that Hydro Cell water bottle…loved it so much I bought one for my entire family. Going to add those hiking poles to my Christmas list this year…thanks for the recommendation!

  4. Travelling Tam

    Some great ideas here! A good water bottle, Kindle and Tripod go everywhere with me when I travel. Some other things on this list I definitely wouldn’t mind receiving too!

  5. Megan

    National Parks Pass- what a great idea! I keep saying I want less STUFF and more Experiences! That is a perfect gift!

  6. Krista

    I take a lot of these things with me when I travel – they’re super handy to have with you. Great list you’ve put together!

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    These are some great gift ideas! I think I need to get the iphone lens’ for myself! lol

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