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Nowadays, we relay on our smartphones for everything. In this article I’m going to share the essential smartphone travel apps. They will help you navigate, plan, search, communicate, and meet people.

Best Travel Apps for Travelers

1. AllTrails:

The BEST app for outdoor activities, especially hiking, biking and climbing. You can easily download a map of the trail, plan trips, read people’s reviews, and explore. Alltrails has over 200,000 trails which is incredible! If you don’t have this app, this is a MUST.  You can get the pro version for $29.99 a year, it’s recommended if you’re going to places where you don’t have an internet connection and allow you to download the map to your phone.

2. Waze:

Waze is a GPS navigation app. It gives you a live traffic map and road alerts. It does a great job updating you live about blocked road, police, accidents, traffics, and more. Personally, I love using Waze more than other navigation apps because it is AMAZING at avoiding traffics.

The only issue I have with Waze is that you can’t download the map and use it offline. I will work if you don’t have an internet connection only if you uploaded the map when you had a signal.

3. Google Maps:

I highly recommend using google maps if you don’t have an internet connection. Once you choose your location you click on the three dots at the top and choose “download offline map”. Then when you’re traveling, you can easily search other destinations without worrying.

travel app- Google maps

4. Meetup:

Awesome app to get to know local people. If you’re traveling solo or looking for new adventure friends this is the best app for you! Meetup brings together people through interests (cooking, art, music, nature, dancing, and more). You choose your location, interests, and time you’re looking for and it gives you tons of options.

5. Headout:

Headout will show you the best attractions, shows, and experiences in your destinations.  It doesn’t work everywhere, mostly in popular cities like New York, Los Angeles, Toledo (Spain), Dubrovnik (Croatia), London, Rome, Paris, and more.  

6. Airbnb:

Great app if you’re looking for vacation rentals and tourism activities. It’s great if you want to avoid hotels and spend your vacation in unique homes, cabins, and condos. It’s not always cheaper than hotels but it might provide a unique experience and more space than a hotel room.

7. Hooper:

Hopper predicts future flights and hotels prices. They have 95% accuracy, and it notifies you when there’s a deal to your destination.

8. Moovit:

Moovit allows you to plan your trip using public transportation. They have more than 3,000 cities available and they know about traffic and live issues. You can see delays and real-time schedules. If you’re traveling in a city without a car, you MUST have this app on your phone.

9+10. Uber & Lyft:

Both of them are great apps. If you’re traveling without a car, you NEED this. It’s so easy and you don’t have to negotiate about the price. You see the price before you select your ride, and the payment is automatically through the app. You can decide to leave tips and reviews if you enjoyed the service. Also, you can choose “carpool” and then the driver takes a few people, and you pay less for the ride.

Notable Travel Apps:

  • Booking
  • Roadtrippers
  • GlobeTips
  • Metric Conversions
  • Calm

11. RV Parks & Campgrounds:

This app is all about RV and you can find more than 40,00 stop-offs for campers. In addition to RV parks, it can help you find RV-friendly stores and gas stations.

12. TripAdvisor:

This is an amazing app for finding recommendations. It has more than 700 million reviews for 8 million destinations. It’s free and available in 28 languages(!). You can find reviews for hotels, restaurants, museums, and more.

13. Yelp:

Yelp isn’t a travel app but can help you find restaurants and nightlife places in your area. You can search for anything including spa, food, shopping, cinemas, and more.

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14. Google Translate:

Did you try to communicate with someone abroad and realize they have no idea what you’re saying? Google Translate is free and able to translate 108 languages. You can easily record or type what you want to say and let the other person hear/read it. It can save you a lot of confusion and trouble!

15. WhatsApp:

This is an amazing messaging app. It uses internet connection, and you can make calls and send text messages without paying extra money if you’re abroad.

16. Netflix:

This list can’t be whole without Netflix. Even though it’s not a travel app, it is great to spend your time during a long flight. You can download your show or movie and watch it offline which can be a lifesaver sometimes!

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