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Looking for things to do in Seattle Washington? Seattle is known to many as the Emerald City because of its famous lush evergreen forests. It also known for its iconic Space Needle and the home of the first Starbucks.

I had the chance to explore the place a few times with my family and friends. When I first traveled there I missed a lot of the best attractions and decided to write this article to help you plan the perfect trip to the city.
 I hope you’ll like it and looking forwards to hear your thoughts! 

The top attractions I recommend from highest to lowest:

Pike Market-

You can’t be in Seattle without visiting the Pike Market. It is probably the most recommended attraction in any website you’ll search. The market is a 6 flour market located on Seattle’s waterfront. It’s a great place to walk around, eat some seafood, and enjoy the local art. The first Starbucks is located on the main entrees, there is a long waiting to get inside and people say there have unique drinks, but you can also take a picture from the outside and say you been in the first Starbucks in the world.

While you’re there, you don’t want to miss the Gum wall. It’s definitely one of the grouses and awesome places I’ve seen. To be honest, I have no idea what made people think that making a Gum wall will be a good idea, but when you’re there you cannot ignore this weirdness. 

Seattle Waterfront-

The piers are amazing! You can find a lot of great food (mostly seafood), the great wheel, shops, and arcade games. From the waterfront, you can take the ferries and explore the islands. I recommend finding a nice place to eat, there is a lot of street seafood and restaurants. The great wheel is great, but in my opinion, it was too expensive and you can see the same view from one of the tall buildings in the city. I would recommend choosing between the wheel, space needle, or another building instead of paying a lot of money. 

Recommended piers are: 55,58 and 62

Museum of Pop Culture-

Definitely one of the best museums I ever visited and one of my top things to do in Seattle! It’s the place for everyone who likes music, mostly rock, and pop. There are multiple galleries about bands and artists, there are fantasies and horror galleries, and music labs where you can practice and try all kinds of instruments. I went there with my friend and we acted like little kids, couldn’t stop taking pictures, and play the instruments. 

Pop Museum- one of the top things to do in Seattle
One of the museum’s exhibits

Pro tip: Tickets are $22 online or $25 at the counter. If you’re planning on going to the Space Needle, the Chihuly Garden and Glass or Pacific Science Center, Seattle Aquarium and Argosy Cruises Harbor Tour; it will be cheaper to but the CityPASS. If you only plan one or two attraction, it will be cheaper to buy separate tickets.

Pro tip: Always look for discounts in advance. A lot of hotels and hostels provide discounts to everyone who stays at their place. When I went to the Museum of Pop we payed $15 instead of $22 through our hostel. Also, many website such as Expedia, AirBNB, and Groupon have discounts.

Space Needle-

The most iconic place in Seattle. It’s extremely expensive and probably there’s cheaper building to watch the city view. If you’re going to the different attractions nearby (pop museum, science museum, the monorail, and the museum of glass, it’s cheaper to buy the multiple attractions ticket. We decided to go only to the space needle, where you can stand on a glass flour that actually moving and see the view of the whole city (if the skies are clear). On top, there’s an expensive restaurant and it’s nice to just sit and enjoy the view. 

  •  The Space Needle and the Museum of Pop are part of the Seattle Center. There are a few attractions in this area that I haven’t got to explore such as the Seattle Children’s Museum, the Pacific Science Center, and the Chihuly Garden and Glass.

There’s an option to buy a pass to some of those attractions (worth if you’re planning on doing more than 1-2 of them). Also, there’s a park in the center where a lot of the local festival takes place. The first time I was there, there was a Hawaiian festival with music, dancing, food, and jewelry. If you’re wandering, it is one of the top things to do in Seattle and such a lovely place to explore.

Starbucks Reserve Roastery –

When people think about what things to do in Seattle, this place doesn’t come first. Seattle known for being the home of the first Starbucks (located on Pike Market), but the truth is that the first Starbucks isn’t as impressive as the Starbucks Reserve Roastery. Everyone who knows me know that I’m not a big fan of Starbucks but this one is pretty special. They have three sections- a bar, an experiment bar, and roasting area. The design of the place is amazing, and you can easily spend their a few hours. You can enjoy from food, desserts, alcohol, or coffee. The Starbuck is located on Capitol hill.

Seattle’s Underground-

About 60-75 min tour in the underground city of Seattle. If you enjoy history and interested in knowing the history of the city, it’s a great attraction (no spoilers). You can also find bars and salons located underground and keep functioning as comedy bars or different restaurants. 

Price: $22 for adult, $20 student (13-17 or College ID), $10 youth (7-12)

Capital Hill-

A cool area in Seattle full of bars and clubs. The streets are colored with the pride colors and street art. During the nights there are many youths going out to the local bars and nightclubs. It’s recommended if you love nightlife and looking for a place to drink or dance.

The Great Gum Wall of Seattle-

One of the weirdest things I’ve ever seen! Honestly I can’t even guess how many people put their gums on these walls and who thought about this “gross” idea. Anyway, the great gum wall is located behind the Pike Market. It’s so colorful and crowded with people. You’re welcome to put your gum on the wall, take photos, and be “impressed” (or maybe disgusted) by the street.

 Amazon Spheres-

Amazon’s headquarters is located in Seattle. Their buildings are astonishing and worth taking a quick look. The Amazon Spheres are three spherical conservatories and a way to bring the nature into the workplace. Amazon believes that this place encouraging their employee’s innovative thinking. According to their website, the Spheres are home to more than 40,000 plants from over 30 countries! You can take a tour (must make a reservation) or simply take a quick look from the outside. 

Kerry Park-

Small public park and a viewpoint on the south slope of Queen Anne Hill in Seattle. The park’s view is the most iconic view over the city, with the Space Needle, Elliott Bay, and Mount Rainer.

Seattle Gas Work Park-

In the past, this place was a gas factory but now it is 20.5 acres of a public park. It is a nice place to have a picnic, see the subset and the view of the city. 

Museum of Glass in Tacoma-

About half an hour south from Seattle. There were two small exhibitions and a workshop. The workshop is incredible, it’s a 90-foot-steel cone and you can watch glass artists at work. The hot shop is open for the public every day that the museum is open, and it is a great experience to see and ask questions about glass art. Other than the workshop which was amazing, I wasn’t excited about the other exhibitions and the glasswork outside (that you can simply see without paying). It is something to be aware of, my family isn’t a huge fan of museums and art in general and we paid more than we actually got on our visit.

The Chihuly Garden and Glass can be an alternative for this attraction, but I haven’t got to check it yet.  If you’re paying for the CityPASS, I would recommend visiting Chihuly Garden and Glass instead of the Museum of Glass in Tacoma.


If you’re looking for road trips from Seattle, Portland Oregon is only 3 hours drive. You can easily combine both of these incredible cities in your road trip. If you’re planning a road trip that includes Oregon, read the following:

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  1. Elena Pappalardo

    Seattle looks awesome and these are great ideas! Just pinned for a future trip, thanks for the inspo!

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    Finally someone admitted that the first Starbucks isn’t all that. It’s a crazy line all the time. I avoid it anytime I go but love going around the market. Seattle is close to me so I’ve been a lot and you’ve got all the best things to do there I think. Such a great guide

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    Oh I love Seattle! The Underground Tour is my favourite attraction; it’s fascinating seeing all of the facades underground! MoPop is also great! I’ve visited Seattle several times but still never seen the gum wall…I don’t see the appeal of that one if I’m honest! Great guide!

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    Seattle looks amazing and your drawings are beautiful! You are so talented!

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    We are booked on an Alaskan cruise for May 2021. We are planning to go to Seattle a day or two early so this is great.

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    I live in Vancouver so I’m always looking for an excuse to visit and explore more of Seattle! Saving your post for my next visit 🙂

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    I loved exploring Pike Market and would happilyyyy go back to eat everything in the world! 😛 I haven’t had a chance to check out the gum wall (gross but would still be cool to see, haha) and the glass museum but I’d like to someday! I didn’t know about the Seattle Underground but that’d be cool to explore too!

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    Seattle is high on our list. We hope to visit it maybe later this year or next year as a quick getaway. Crossing our fingers. Thanks for a great itinerary! I’m definitely going to add a couple of things to our list of must-sees.

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    I’ve always wanted to go to Seattle and this post made me want to go even more!

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